Thursday, July 28, 2016

August 9th meeting

Lee will be our Toastmaster of the day with Peter as the general evaluator. We will have two speeches, Pen will speak first, being evaluated by Lauralee, and Laimons will be speaking second, evaluated by Lori. Table topics master of the day is Kathleen with Paul to assist her with timing. Lastly, Anjanette will be the grammarian to help us improve our impromptu and planned speeches.

If there are any changes, please email Dave our VP of Education. If you are scheduled for a job, please email the Toastmaster to provide them with introductory information.

Our Area Governor, Jim Wolack is planning to visit one of our meetings in the near future.  He will take the Speaker 1 slot on whatever day he comes (and possibly the whole meeting). We will update as soon as we know more information.

Have a good week!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Review of July 26th meeting

Laura was our Toastmaster of the day, whose theme was pets. She told us stories of her pets of the past, and how fish were her favorite pet to keep. We had two speakers today, Anjanette whose speech was called Feeding the Soul. She spoke on New Zealand, and her children's experience in primary school there. Paul was her evaluator, and he complimented her organization of the speech. Our  newest member, Christa, gave her first speech, the Ice Breaker speech about how she found her love of marine biology. Kathleen was her evaluator, and said she must be used to talking in front of people.
Lee was our table topics master of the day who mostly followed the theme of pets, asking questions ranging from what would a person's ideal pet be to how is August like the Sunday of summer. For one minute and thirty seconds, our winner, Brian, told us his story of his favorite dog Bear, stealing not only our attention but the prize of best table topic. Maybe Brian's next speech will be on his adventures with Bear! The word of the day was consort given by our grammarian of the day, Lauralee.
To end the meeting, Lori spoke on how the evaluators were attentive and energetic about the speeches. She complimented the Toastmaster of the day on her meeting, and ended the meeting on a good note.

We would like to congratulate Christa on completing her first speech! We hope to hear more from you in the future. Yaquina Toastmasters would also like to welcome Richard back as a returning member, and hope to hear from him soon as well.

Next week's roles will be posted soon.

Have a good week!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Here is a reminder

Reminder for the who is playing what role on July 26th, 2016 meeting:
There have been no reported changes.
Our Toastmaster of the day is going to be Laura, who is being evaluated by Lori, our general evaluator. For this meeting, we will have two speakers, Anjanette and Christa who are working on their Competent Communicator manuals. They will be evaluated by Paul and Kathleen, long time members of Toastmasters, on the good things about their speech, and places for improvement. Lee will challenge us with table topics for us to try our hand at speaking for one to two minutes. As grammarian, Lauralee will both record the audible pauses and provide us with a word of the day. Lastly, Liamons will keep us on schedule as the timer. 
See you tomorrow! 

Fear and the art of communication

Toastmasters is more than just giving speeches and performing different roles. Yaquina Toastmasters helps to grow your confidence in yourself. As James Humes says, the art of communication is the language of leadership. By learning how to communicate effectively, and thinking on your feet through going to Toastmasters, you will be able to lead better. As you master the art of communication, and face fears such as fear of public speaking, or fear of stumbling over your words as you give instructions, you will gain confidence in your abilities. When you face a fear, and push through it, you find courage, strength, and confidence take the place of your fear.
How can we help you master the art of communication and leadership?

Here are our roles that help us practice skills for these arts:

  1. Timer works on our scheduling and time management skills.
  2. Grammarian builds your vocabulary and focuses on audible pauses.
  3. Table topics master will challenge the members to think on their feet and be able to talk within a time limit of one to two minutes.
  4. Speech evaluator helps the speaker to know the good things they did and how they could improve their speech. It also works on the evaluators listening and critiquing skills. 
  5. General evaluator is who gives an overall observation of the meeting and provides feedback for each the roles that are being performed. 
  6. Toastmaster of the day works on learning how to run a meeting, and stay on schedule. 
  7. Speaker is the last role that will work on staying within a time limit to communicate your points clearly and smoothly. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Review of July 19th 2016 meeting

We would like to welcome our newest member Christa, who be giving her ice breaker speech next week! Newport Toastmasters would also like to welcome Ben, a visitor, and thank him for coming to the meeting.
July 19th meeting had two speakers Kathleen and Lauralee being evaluated by Peter and Liamons. Peter was moved by Kathleen's speech on school's needing to offer more trades as electives that he talked about how he had personally seen this need in schools and how students were struggling to get on "the right track for college". Liamons helped to improve Lauralee's speech by talking about the importance to have clear concise slides on a PowerPoint, and to use gestures while giving your speech.
The toastmaster of the day was Dave who used a play on words saying politics meant that poly is many and tics, as a play on ticks, were parasites. He also buttered up the general evaluator Pen, by saying how wonderful she is as a part of Toastmasters. Following the theme, Brian being the table topics master, asked different members about their view on politics. It was Christa who said that her favorite politician was imaginary that took the prize for the best table topic.
Lee was our grammarian who helped to count our umms and ahhs. For the umm award, our general evaluator Penn won.
See you next week!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today's speakers

Today we had two speakers: Kathleen and Lauralee. Kathleen's speech topics were the school system needing to recognize trades are important as well as college. She talked about how we should not be presenting the idea of a trade as either going to get a trade or going to college, but giving people the opportunity to get a trade then/ and go to college. Lauralee talked about the importance of Solve, cleaning up the beaches. As a reminder, Lauralee mentioned that on July 30th, at 11 AM to 1 PM Solve is doing a beach clean up. If that day does not work for you, she urged you to see if you could schedule August 12th for the Devil's Punchbowl State Park at 11 AM to 1 PM or Marine Reserves Action Day from 1 PM to 3 PM.

Stay tuned for who will be speaking next week!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

What is your dream?

A lot of people have dreams of what they want to do, but do not know how to achieve those dreams. Toastmasters can help equip you with many tools that could help in your pursuit of a dream you never thought possible to achieve. This man in the story I have linked below did not know how he would achieve his dream, but Toastmasters made possible what he believed to be impossible.

What is your dream?

Read more about the story of Toastmaster Jimmy Thai, DTM:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Who should become a Toastmaster?

There are many ways a person could benefit from joining a Toastmasters club. Here are some benefits of Toastmasters that might be your reason for joining.

Do you suffer from a fear of public speaking? Toastmasters is a nonjudgemental place to practice speaking so that you become more comfortable and confident in speaking to a group of people. Yaquina Bay (Newport) Toastmasters will assign an evaluator to you who will provide feedback, but not make you feel like you were terrible.

Do you hate answering questions because you feel like you do not know what to say? You can practice this skill in Toastmasters, and have fun. In fact, we make it feel like a game when we practice. Table topics can be a very joyful time, answering questions, and telling stories that those outside of Toastmasters might not believe when you tell them. You may even win the Table Topics Award!

Have trouble leading a group? No problem! In Toastmasters, you can learn how to direct a meeting by being the Toastmaster of the day. This will give you the practice you want so that you can go back to your business meeting, and be perfectly comfortable in the spotlight.

Maybe you have trouble with time management. That is perfectly fine. At Yaquina Bay  (Newport) Toastmasters, the first assignment a new member receives is timer. You can hone your timeliness by helping others stay on track, then practice those skills yourself when you are give your first speech.

If you want some more great benefits, go visit Newport Toastmasters on Facebook, and watch the testimonial video on why other people joined Toastmasters.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Do you want to come visit us?

Yaquina Bay (Newport) Toastmasters meets every Tuesday, at 7:00 AM at Pig 'N Pancake. You can see how the different roles, such as Toastmaster, does in an actual meeting, and interact with the members.
If you are a past member that is looking to come back, needing to gain confidence to help you at work or school, or needing a place to practice a speech, Toastmasters is the place to go. We would love to see you there!

810 SW Alder St Newport, OR 7 AM in the back room.

Have you heard of Toastmasters Pathways?

Toastmasters Pathways is scheduled to roll out to all the districts in January of 2018 after a pilot in January of 2017. So what is this change in Toastmasters?

Toastmasters Pathways is a new education program that will be implemented worldwide. According to The Possibilities of Pathways, an article in the Toastmasters magazine, it is supposed to keep the basis of the current program, but combined the leadership and communication manuals to create a more comprehensive program.

What is new?
There will be an online component where you can take surveys, do activities, and go through the manuals. After taking an assessment, Toastmasters will select a path they think that is the best fit for your skills and weaknesses, however you are free to choose from any of the paths regardless of your test results. The paths include Motivational Strategies, Presentation Mastery, Leadership Development, Persuasive Influence, Effective Coaching, and more (Possibilities of Pathways). These paths also include several different project topics such as how to motivate others, and using presentation software (Possibilities of Pathways).
There are five levels of this program:
1. Mastering Fundamentals
2. Learning Your Style
3. Increasing Your Knowledge
4. Building Skills
5. Demonstrating Expertise

Want to know more? Go to our Facebook page Newport Toastmasters to read the whole article!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Tuesday July 12th, 2016 meeting

We would like to give a hearty welcome back to our returning member, Richard O’Hearn of Edward Jones.  
Michael Welsch was our Toastmaster of the day leading us down a twisting and turning literary path as we discussed great authors that we love and hate. His theme carried into our table topics lead by one of our newer members Lori Tobias, who just happens to be an author herself! Anjanette Baker took home the table topics trophy by regaling us with her favorite trout dinner served up on a virtual trip to Spain where they literally serve fresh trout caught upon order.
Dave Coffman was our speaker of the day.  He gave us the first edition of his contest speech “Half the Man I used to Be”. It was a weighty speech to be sure but he made light of the topic as he stripped away all doubts and shed his outer clothing revealing the new Dave Coffman.
Marisa Litz did a wonderful evaluation of Dave’s speech. Praising him where he did well and offering excellent advice on where he can stretch and give “more” of himself to help people relate to the difficulty of losing over 240 pounds.
LOUT was the word of the day.  Peter Boris, as our Grammarian, counted ummms and ahhhs as well as word of the day and other colorful language.
Finally, Liamons Osis, our long time member, imparted wisdom, advice and humor as General Evaluator.  He gently reproved our Toastmaster where he was ill prepared and gave advice to all where we as a club can improve. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Being generally evaluated by Yaquina Toastmasters

Every Toastmasters meeting is evaluated by one of the members. This is not a leadership role, but a floating roll between the members. The general evaluator states to help any guests or new members, the purpose and benefits of having an evaluation done.
During the meeting, the general evaluator needs to have full view of the room, so that they can see everything that happens. When the general evaluator comes in, they first need to see if all of the trophies, materials, banners and property is out, and where it is supposed to be. This also ensures that the team has the tools they need to perform, such as the timing lights, stopwatch, and manuals. Another part of the general evaluator's job is to make sure their team knows who they are evaluating, and have the manuals for those people.
The easiest way to complete the meeting evaluation is to have a checklist of what is supposed to go on during the meeting. On of the most important part is if the meeting, and meeting sections, start and end on time. They also should focus on how the Toastmaster of the day transitioned between sections, and if they helped to create a positive atmosphere.
For evaluating different participants, the general evaluator points out both good and bad in the following areas of the person's: preparation, organization, delivery, enthusiasm, observation and performance of duties. When their evaluation part of the meeting begins, the general evaluator will introduce the speech evaluator. From there each evaluator: grammarian, times, and general evaluation of the meeting. For the evaluation, commenting on the quality of the evaluation team's performance. Include in their evaluations if they were positive, helpful, and suggesting improvement. Make sure to tell how the meeting flowed, and if the segments started on time.

Why do we need a timer? By Yaquina Toastmasters

One important part of speaking is to be timely and organized. In Toastmasters, we practice expressing thoughts within a specific time. The timer helps hone the members of toastmasters skills on keeping within our time limits, and organizing our thoughts without preparation.
The timer asks the speaker, or speakers, of the day how long their speech is supposed be (ie 5-7 minutes). They then will sit at the end of the table with the lights and stopwatch to record everyone's time. When the meeting starts, the Toastmaster of the day will ask them to explain their role.
They time the speech turning on the green light at 5 minutes (if the speech is from 5-7 minutes). The yellow light will go on at six minutes, and red at 7 minutes. If the speaker goes over 7 minutes, the red light will remain on until they conclude their speech. Timer records the time of the speech, or speeches so they can report it when called upon by the Toastmasters.
The other job of the timer is to record the times of table topics, so the group knows who qualified in table topics. To qualify a person needs to speak on the question given for one to two minutes, and then the group votes on who had the best speech, and is given the table topic award.
The speech evaluator also is timed for two to three minutes.
At the end of the meeting, the timer will gives each person's time to the secretary so they can include the times in their report.

Monday, July 11, 2016

What does the Speech Evaluator Do? By Yaquina Toastmasters

Toastmasters is a club that helps its members to improve their speaking and leadership skills. In order to do this, when a person gives a speech, they will get an evaluation.When the speech evaluator is listening to the speech, they will look for certain things: body language, content, voice, and confidence. In addition to this, if a person is working out of a manual, they will use the specific guidelines in the book to base their evaluation on.
Example: Speech project 5 Your body speaks
The evaluator would look for the use of stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact to express your message, and achieve your speech's purpose.
Make your body language smooth and natural.
This speech is from five to seven minutes.

Example of a Speech 5 evaluation:
First impression: WOW!
Preparation: Excellent! We learned a lot of history, psychology and about you.
Manner: Satisfactory. Great use of leather
Posture: poised and balanced
Gestures: satisfactory
Body Movement: Purposeful, smooth, and steady!
Eye contact: Established visual bonds
Facial expressions: animated and friendly
Speech purpose: satisfactory
Speech organization: Logical and clear
What could they do differently? You can use fists to emphasize "evil"
What did you like about the speech? The depth of history and educating us all

Saturday, July 9, 2016

What is a Toastmaster? By Yaquina Toastmasters

Toastmasters may seem like a funny word. The word can make weddings and toasts come to mind, while it does help with those types of toasts, that is not what Toastmasters focuses on.

The toastmaster of the day is the person who leads the meeting. After the president calls the meeting to order, they hand control over to the toastmaster of the day. 
Here is what the toastmaster does:
They will invite the general evaluator to introduce their evaluation team. 
Welcomes the speaker, and tells what their speech is about, the title, and if it is a manual speech. 
The toastmaster of the day also welcomes the topicsmaster, and makes sure there are good transitions between the speech(es), and table topics. 
They also need to get the times of the speeches, both prepared and impromptu. 
Toastmaster welcomes the general evaluator, and asks for the table topics award to be given. After this, they give the meeting back over to the president. 

 If this seems overwhelming, don't worry!! After joining the club, you will not be assigned to be toastmaster until you are comfortable with the meeting, and know what the rolls are. At Yaquina Toastmasters, new members are usually assigned timer for their first roll, which is easy. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Toastmasters speech tips

Toastmasters International gives us a few tips on how to prepare for a speech.

Their first tip is to organize your speech. In order to do this, you need to set up your speech in three sections: opening, main points, and the summary. The second tip is to practice and rehearse the speech. They say it is important to practice frequently before the day you deliver the speech. To do this, ask your friends and family to be the audience, or a mirror can show you how you are using body language. Toastmasters International suggests that you use a timer to help you pace your speech.
Being familiar with your surroundings and your stage where the speech will be delivered. Getting a feel for the size and any possible obstacles, such as steps or cords, will help you to avoid any surprises. A last area tip Toastmasters give you is know where you enter and exit for your speech.
Clothing and appearance is another important aspect of delivery. They suggest you wear something comfortable yet professional.
If you are using visual aids, Toastmasters International has some specific tips for you. First, your visuals needs to fit your speech, whether it is funny, serious, or a technical speech. The main goal of your visual aid is help the audience to understand what you are saying. It should reinforce the points of the speech, be interesting and unique.

Our New Officers

New officers for Newport (Yaquina Bay) Toastmasters are:
President- Brian
Vice President of Education- Dave 
Vice President of Membership- Lee 
Vice President of Public Relations- Lauralee 
Secretary- Marisa
Sergeant of Arms- Paul
Treasurer- Laurie W

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A typical meeting at Yaquina Toastmasters

Start- 7:00 AM
Our president will begin the meeting, and ask if there were any outside speeches. From there we go over any business we need to take care of, and the president will turn the lecture over to the Toastmaster of the day.

The Toastmaster will introduce the rolls of the day: grammarian, table topics master, timer, general evaluator, and speech evaluator. They will then announce the day's speaker, with a short introduction.

The speaker will give their speech at the lectern, who will be evaluated by a speech evaluator to find out what was good, and what needs improvement in their speech.

Toastmaster of the day will come back up to the front and remind everyone to fill out our evaluation sheets and then pass them to the speaker. If there is a second speaker, the Toastmaster will say a few fun facts, and then introduce them. If there is not, they will introduce the table topics master.

Table topics is when the topics master will ask random members a to speak on a topic such as "Please make a commercial about shoes" or "Tell us story about when you have been on vacation, and a problem arose".

To end the meeting, each roll will review what they were looking for that day. Grammarian will report on umms and interesting words. Table topics will present the award to the best impromptu one minute speech. Timer will state how long everyone spoke for, especially the speech and speech evaluators. Lastly, the general evaluator will say how everyone who wasn't evaluated did, such as how timely the Toastmaster was, and how transitions between rolls were.

The president will then take over to give the schedule for next week, and conclude the meeting.
End- 7:50 AM

Who are we?

Yaquina Toastmasters is a club that meets in Newport, Oregon. We are part of an international public speaking club called Toastmasters International. 
Yaquina Toastmasters has, for over 50 years, helped people overcome their fear of, and master the art of public speaking. We strive to provide a supportive and positive learning experience, in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Where we meet:
Pig 'N Pancake 
810 SW Alder off Hwy 101
Back meeting room Newport , Oregon 97365 United States

When we meet:
7:00 AM to 8:00 AM every Tuesday