Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Have you heard of the CL?

Toastmasters International offers two beginning manuals, the Competent Communicator and the Competent Leadership. The Competent Leadership manual contains ten projects to help develop comprehensive leadership skills.
Leadership skills are learned in every meeting role, however you choose which roles you complete to finish the different projects. There are requirements for marking off a role for a project. Each meeting that you fill a role can only count for one project. Example: Critical thinking and giving feedback require the same roles, however if you are grammarian on August 9th you can only count that for one project not both.
Projects include skills such as listening, motivation, and time management. Some projects require meeting roles, such as being timer for time management. Others require you to help lead a extra role such as organizing a contest speech. Others, such as Mentoring, require you to help other members complete speeches or complete leadership projects.
Just like the Competent Communicator, once you have completed the ten projects Toastmasters International can send your employer a letter with your accomplishment. From there, Toastmasters has more manuals tracks that you can continue building your leadership skills. The Advanced Leadership Bronze and Silver. At the end of these manuals, including the communication series, you will receive the Distinguished Toastmaster award.