Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November 29th review

The Toastmaster of the day was Peter, who talked about the meaning of different holidays. His impromptu stand in evaluator was Christa, who talked about he was prepared to introduce the speakers, and had many interesting facts to tell us about. She said that her evaluator was too easy on her, and so was Anjanette, who did not point out her umms.
Our first speaker was Christa, who gave a talk about mental health emergency preparedness. She likened it to going through a regular first aid class, so that you can try to help those who need you. She handed out fliers for the next mental health first aid class with information about what they would be doing in Newport, Oregon. Brian was her evaluator who said that this was very needed information for the community. He said she was working on her rate, which he said evened out after the beginning. One thing he said to remember is to add more to the conclusion.
The second speaker was Lee spoke about his family history, and how he found his coat of arms after going to Germany to find his father's family. When he was able to go, he met his second cousins and his father met his cousins he had never seen before. To show us, he brought the coat of arms he made himself from a picture he saw showing the union of his family to another. Marisa was Lee's evaluator, who said she was very interested in his story, and didn't notice that he had gone overtime. She complimented that he was very story like in his speech and how he was able to augment his speech with props.
Paul was in charge of table topics today, where he set up debates on a page for different people in the audience. On the page were different questions that you took a side on. Anjanette talked about the placebo effect being fine for small problems but not for serious conditions. She also said you need to believe in the alternative care for it to work, so that would not make sense for children or animals. Peter chose the question about how the economy is affected during times of peace, and in times of war. He said that the economy would be better during times of peace instead of war. Lauralee was the winner of table topics and talked about the electoral college, which she had just written a five page paper on. She proposed that instead of the mysterious electoral college, that can override popular vote, that we use a more representative group of people.
Have a good day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 22nd review

Today was a rowdy meeting that was fun filled and a bit silly. Our Toastmaster of the day was Pen, who talked about how we can be thankful. The general evaluator was Paul, who was offended to be called Marisa, and had very little to say about the meeting, other than it was a fun meeting.
The speaker of the day was Lauralee, who gave a longer version of her lesson from the business meeting. She went over the communication and leadership tracks, from competent levels to becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster. Lee was her evaluator who said that the provided PowerPoint from Toastmasters International that could not be edited confined her freedom to work with the speech. He also liked the enthusiasm that she presented with.
From Toastmasters International

Table topics master was Brian whose topic was thanksgiving. He asked Laimons why Mary had a little lamb was not Marry had a little Turkey, since the woman who wrote it was a part of the first thanksgiving. He said that is because turkeys are stupid and lambs are more cuddly. Laurie was asked how big of a family gathering she has had for thanksgiving, to which she said she had 25 people normally in her big family gatherings, which she looks forward to. Anjanette said that she would name the turkey, which meant peacock in an Indian language, a drab peacock. This is because the turkey has the fan similar to the peacock and they are shaped similarly. Anjanette won table topics this week.
The timer today was Laurie, and the grammarian today was Anjanette, whose word of the day was meshuggener, which means a foolish person.
Today was a bit light on people, so we hope wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and safe travels.
Have a good day!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pictures from our Financial Outlook event

November 15th review

There were four guests today including our guest speaker. We would like to welcome them, and invite each of them back next week to see a more normally run meeting.
The Toastmaster of the day was Brian, who lead our Financial Outlook After the Elections event. He was evaluated by Christa, who said that the meeting went very well. Christa talked about how our table topics were able to lighten the meeting's intense topic of finances. She complimented the Toastmaster for being flexible, as well as our guest speaker Richard.
Richard talked about how it is important to remember the market is is resilient, has survived and recovered from many setbacks. He suggests spending time in the market instead of timing the market, and investing in domestic stock, because he thinks they will do well. When he talked about which type, he said the less risky stocks were better, but what is important is to set up your portfolio for your life which is a lot longer than the new administration will. Laimons was his evaluator, and said his gestures got more comfortable throughout the speech, starting to use his hands instead of leaving them at his sides. He also said that Richard looked at the audience at the table, but to remember his audience was also off to the side of the main table too.
Anjanette was in charge of table topics and decided to ask fun questions to keep the meeting light. Laurie talked about her adventure paddle boarding with her dog who does not like the heat. She chose that sport because her dog prefers the water and they had an enjoyable day escaping the heat. Peter was asked about a family member that lights up the room, and he talked about his brother in law. He said that his sister's husband who used to be an officer, but still believes that everyone is a good person until proven otherwise. Pen was asked about her favorite concert, and she talked about how she had gone to a concert with the Kinks. They had sang Lola at the concert, which she demonstrated a line from, and said that was her favorite because of her proximity to the time of the concert. After voting, table topics award ended in a tie, between Laurie and Pen.
Paul was the grammarian of the day, whose word was fiduciary, fitting the day's financial theme perfectly. Dave was the timer of the day helping us stick to our schedule.
Have a great day and see you next week!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Our Free Financial Event

Our Toastmasters free event!!
Come to our Tuesday meeting, on Tuesday November 15th from 7:00 AM- 7:50, at  Pig n Pancake 810 SW Alder St, Newport, OR 97365. This is a free event sponsored by the Yaquina Toastmaster Club. Our guest Speaker, Richard O’Hearn, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Investments. 

This will be on our financial outlook after the election on Tuesday. Please join us at the back of Pig 'N Pancake in the meeting room. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 8th review

The Toastmaster of the day was Marisa, whose theme was the election and how women got the right to vote. Lee was the general evaluator today, and he talked about how when answering table topics, treat it more like a short speech than an answer. He also complimented how Peter gave a thorough grammarian report including who used the word of the day, mollify and how he talked about specific phrases people had said.
Brian gave his speech on how you grow through the hard times in life. He talked about how a woman on the radio was thankful that she even had a drain that could clog, since before she was homeless. This put in perspective what he should be grateful for. In his speech, he talked about how it is now how we are knocked down, but how we get back up that matters. This speech was his last speech for the competent communicator. He was evaluated by Christa who really enjoyed his speech, saying it conveyed his message well. The only critique she had was he did not make the ideas personal to him.
Dave gave his speech on how he is half the man he used to be. To demonstrate his weight loss, he stripped himself of his old bigger clothes, so we could contrast to what he wears today. This was a practice for a speech he will be giving to people in a bariatric program. He emphasized how following the nutrition plan made for him allowed him to lose the weight that he had been trying to take off for many years. Paul briefly evaluated Dave, telling him that he managed to humorously persuade the audience about nutrition and how they can do whatever they put their mind to.
Laurie was the Table Topics Master of the day, whose theme was fall. She asked Anjanette about what she liked the least about this election, to which she said the length since in New Zealand you can only campaign for six weeks. Laimons answered that he does not really like daylight savings, though he is not too concerned about the time change because he is retired. The thing Laimons does not like the most about daylight savings is that he has to relearn how to change the clock in his car. Marisa won table topics answering how she felt about all the rain we have had, to which she said that she loved it. Since she is a PHD candidate, and is going to be defending her work soon, Marisa is enjoying the rain which demands she stay home.
Have a good day!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1st review

The Toastmaster of the Day was Paul, whose topic was Saints Day. He was evaluated by Laurie, who said the meeting went smoothly, but we needed longer and more specific introductions. We would like to welcome our two guests for the day Doug and Carmel, who are visiting for the second time since June! Thank you for coming.
Today was our business meeting, which went rather long today. Our treasurer, Laurie, said that all of our dues were in on time, so everyone is current. Lee, as Vice President of Membership, reminded us that we should bring our friends to Toastmasters so that we can grow. As a part of old business, Marisa our secretary reminded us that we have decided to do a speech contest in the spring. With that contest, she said that we will need to work on a date, and securing the library as our place to hold the contest. Lauralee said that our facebook page has been getting 160 people visiting a week, and 467 people in a month. For our blog we have had 119 people read it this month.
After our business meeting, Lauralee taught a mini lesson on the Competent Communicator and Competent leadership. She first explained the boards, which are around the room, and help the club track it's members progress. From there, she talked about how the Competent Communicator manual has the evaluation sheets where the evaluator fills out how you did, and then the back of the book has a chart where you fill in the title and date of your speeches. For the Competent Leadership, Lauralee explained that each of the projects require you to do different meeting roles. The board shows which day you completed a certain role, but the book signs you off on certain roles for the project. As an example, time management, project 4, requires you to be timer, but then you have to serve in at least one role, such as Toastmaster.
Marisa was our only speaker of the day, working on her entertaining advanced manual. She gave the lifestory of her brother's dog in this eight to ten minute speech. In her speech, she talked about how the dog went with her brother out into the wilderness and scouted the perimeter while he worked. Peter was her evaluator, and said that one sign of a good speech was how quiet the audience is, and everyone there was quiet. He also said that her audience laughed at the right time, another sign of a good speech.
Lauralee was in charge of table topics today, whose theme was Halloween turning to Thanksgiving. Lee spoke about how stores minimize Thanksgiving but how we, as a people, very often travel to be with our family on the day. This shows that we value Thanksgiving. Dave was asked what job would you have if you turned into a halloween costume he had. In response to this, Dave talked about how Saint Francis is his patron saint, and he tries to be like him all the time. Christa won table topics today, and she talked about how she tried to dress up as a lion tamer this year, by dressing her dog as a lion, and using a toy they had to be able to "tame her lion", but the costume never came to fruition as she never completed it.

Have a great day!!