Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Avital's Was it Love or Was it Kale speech

August 28th review

Lee was the Toastmaster of the day, who talked about how cars have changed over the years. He said he had been thinking about how his grandfather would be blown away by how our cars work now. Lee's grandfather had worked on wagons in the 1800s, and Lee talked about taking his grandfather for a ride in his van that he does not even need to turn a key to start. Christa was the general evaluator of the day, who complimented Lee on his introductions for the speakers. She mentioned to Lauralee that she liked how Lauralee added her critiques into her overall evaluation instead of piling them on at the end of the evaluation.
Avital was the first speaker of the day. Her speech was speech 10 of her competent communicator. She only has one more speech to receive her Competent Communicator award.
Lauralee was Avital's evaluator for the day. She complimented Avital on her presence and her confidence during her speech. Lauralee said Avital did a great job of painting her story for us. One thing she did suggest was for Avital to give us a little more of a buy in to accept the changes she suggested for us.
Brian H was the second speaker of the day. He did his Ice Breaker speech, the Life of Brian. In his speech, he talked about how he went to college as a long-haired hippie freak, and found out that he had to decide on a major. In college, he majored in journalism, and went to Washington for his first job. He moved to Oregon once he found what his job as a journalist would really entail. In Oregon, he got a job involving taxes, where he learned he loved the tax code. From there he went to Lewis and Clark to become a lawyer, and moved to Newport, Oregon. Today he works at Newport Law, and is a volunteer firefighter. Peter was Brian's evaluator for his Ice Breaker. He complimented Brian on his eye contact and expression. One thing that Peter mentioned was Brian's confidence and good volume.
Due to time constraints, there were no table topics.
Paul was the grammarian of the day, whose word was umbraphile. Diane was the timer of the day. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

No open roles August 29th

The Toastmaster of the day will be Lee, evaluated by Christa. There will be two speaker of the day, Avital speaking first, evaluated by Lauralee. Brian H will speak second, evaluated by Kathleen. Brian will be the table topics master of the day. Paul will be the grammarian of the day, with Diane as the timer.

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Roles for August 29th

The Toastmaster of the day will be Lee, evaluated by Christa. There will be two speaker of the day, Avital speaking first, evaluated by Lauralee. Brian H will speak second, evaluated by Kathleen. Brian will be the table topics master of the day. Paul will be the grammarian of the day, with Diane as the timer.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

August 15th review

The Toastmaster of the day was Peter, who talked about how the eclipse will happen soon, and what to do with the influx of people. He talked about the gas shortage, and how people should stock up on food before the eclipse happens. Brian was the general evaluator of the day, who complimented Peter on looking the part. One suggestion Brian did make was to have the Toastmaster welcome our online guests.
We had a small business portion of the meeting, where we discussed the upcoming speech contest. The contest will be on September 12th. Kathleen and Lee will be chairing the competition. Christa, Diane, and Peter will be competing in the humorous speaking contest. Kathleen will be competing in the table topics contest.
There was one speaker of the day, Kathleen. She talked about how our world has finite resources and we need to respect them. Her main theme was sand, and how we use it. One way we use sand is with outside volleyball, which requires a different type of sand than concrete, where the sand is mixed in to create the concrete. The volleyball sand has a recipe to create a sand that will not stick to the player's body. She said that sand is the second most used natural resource. It is first is water. Some of the ways we use sand is in glass, swimming pools and filters. Kathleen talked about how we use the sand in our oceans now, which is changing our ocean floors. Avital was Kathleen's evaluator, who said she would have liked to have Kathleen as a teacher. She complimented Kathleen's posture and presence while speaking.
Christa was the table topics master of the day. She asked Laimons what he would do if he had a large audience that came to listen to him. He said that he would tell them that they should follow the golden rule. Diane was asked what her American dream is, and she said she is living her American dream by living on the Oregon Coast. Christa asked Laurie if she could lie without saying anything. Laurie said that she went berry picking this weekend, and said she had not thought about ways of lying. Laimons and Laurie were the winners of today's table topics.
Lee was the grammarian of the day, whose word was eclipse. Brian H was the timer of the day.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Roles for August 15th

Peter will be the Toastmaster of the day on Tuesday, with Brian as the timer. There will be two speakers for the day, Brandy evaluated by Paul and Kathleen evaluated by Avital. Lee will be the grammarian of the day, and Christa will be the Table Topics master. The timer of the day will be Brian H.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pathways Q and A

Q: Can I be in more than one path at a time?
A: Yes you can. In fact, if you are a member of more than one club before roll out, you receive two free paths.

Q: Is it more expensive?
A: No, actually it is a little cheaper. Your first path is free, and your second path online is 20 dollars. That will get you to your DTM. For the traditional program it is $6.00 for each advanced manual, making it $24 dollars to get your DTM.

Q: What is base camp?
A: Base camp is where you access your online materials. On base camp you can find your evaluations, projects, videos, and interact with members of your club.

Q: How long do we have to finish in the traditional program?
A: It is two year from the day it rolls out in the very last region. There are seven roll out phases that are left before those two years will start.

Q: When will Pathways roll out?
A: Mid September

Q: Do you have to use Pathways online?
A: No, there is a printed version that you can bring with you. Another way to do this is you can print the Pathways projects straight from Base camp.

Q: I am new to Toastmasters. Should I wait to start in Pathways?
A: You can. Pathways will also honor your ice breaker, which is already online at

Q: Will they let me keep my current progress?
A: Your current level in Toastmasters, such as an Advanced Communicator Silver and Advanced Leader Bronze, will still be present in your title. However, you will start back to your Ice Breaker with Pathways.

Pathways Guide Recording

Due to technical difficulties during our meeting, Zoom did not record from our meeting. Here is what the meeting was like.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Pathways Guide Review

Today was a special meeting, as there were no roles. President Brian opened the meeting by explaining how Pathways Guide Lauralee would be presenting the new Pathways program to our club. He also welcomed MIME Speaks, another club, to our meeting via Zoom, as well as a few other guests that were present on Zoom.
Lauralee started off by explaining how Toastmasters started with the basic manual under Ralph Smedley in the 1940s. She talked about how it had evolved to the traditional program that we recognize today, such as the Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership. Another thing she went over that the board of directors had World Headquarters review and refresh the education program. To do this, they looked at the basis that the current education program, and created the five primary core competencies. Those are: public speaking, interpersonal communication, strategic leadership, management, and confidence. From this, Toastmasters created ten paths.
She went over how each path starts with level one where the individual completes their ice breaker, evaluation and feedback, and research and presenting projects. From there the Paths vary to meet the individual's needs. Lauralee talked about how there are now badges where you are awarded for completing levels. One new thing about Pathways is you can give and receive badges from members. In her speech, she briefly talked about how the evaluation form had changed so it is now three pages long and is more specific to the speeches. The mentor program had also changed so that each mentor is trained by Toastmasters before receiving a mentee.
During the second section of her speech, Lauralee talked about how there is a new manual called the navigator that goes over club roles, and the Pathways program. She mentioned when choosing your Path, the in print does cost more but the first Path is covered by your Toastmasters dues. The second Path is the one that costs. Lauralee also talked about the online assessment that helps you decide which Path is the best one for you, including how there are short questions, and it is based on your goals and needs. Once you have selected your Path, you begin working on Base camp, if you are working online.
Lauralee talked about the fact that the meetings will not run longer due to Pathways, and Table Topics, evaluations and club roles will all still be a part of Toastmasters. Due to Pathways rolling out, the Distinguished Club Program added new education goals so you could have either levels from Pathways or advancements in the traditional program for two years.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August First Review

Brian was the Toastmaster of the day, who talked about odd animal friends. He mentioned how a hamster was put in the cage of a snake. While it was expected that the snake would eat the hamster, it did not, and they ended up becoming friends. Avital was the general evaluator, who complimented Kathleen in making the speaker feel good about herself even when giving constructive criticism.
We had our business meeting today, where we talked about the upcoming events that will be happening.
Pathways training: August 8th, 2017 Tuesday at 7 AM. 
Club speech contest: September 12th, 2017 (Tuesday 7 AM)
Area Speech Contest: September 23rd, 2017 (Saturday 10 AM Corvallis)
Division Speech Contest: October 21st, 2017 (Corvallis Saturday 10 AM)
There was only one speaker of the day, Diane, working on her Competent Communicator Get to the Point speech. She talked about relationships, and how going to the Galapagos Islands is not just about nature and tourism, but about the people you meet. She gave us examples of the friends she met, such as Jorge who took them on a tour of the island. Her second highlight was a man named Luis and a third man named Victor who was also a tour guide. Kathleen was the evaluator for Diane's third speech. In her evaluation, she talked about how Diane always dresses for success, and that helps her to set the tone for her speech. Another thing that Kathleen mentioned about the speech was that she used visual aids so that we could see what she was talking about. A suggestion Kathleen had for the visual aids would be to make them bigger so the whole room could see it. 
Laimons was the Table Topics Master of the day. His theme was relationships, following the theme of the rest of the meeting. Avital was asked if people should change in a relationship, and she said that both people should change. She then went on to talk about her garden and how she had asked the gardener to plant specific vegetables, such as kale, and she found that there ended up being no kale in her garden. Brian H was asked about divorce, and he said that it is much cheaper to break up with someone before getting married than to get a divorce. Avital was the winner of Table Topics.
Lee was the timer of the day and Brian H was the grammarian. The word of the day was umbrage.