Tuesday, August 30, 2016

August 30th meeting review

Laimons was the Toastmaster of the day whose challenge was to keep the meeting on schedule. Because of people being absent, Laimons organized different roles for people to fill in, and was prepared for the day's meeting by 7 AM. He was evaluated by Pen, who said that Laimons took good control of the meeting, and ran a tight schedule.
There were two long speeches, 8 to 10 minutes. Lauralee was the first speaker being evaluated by Lee. Her talk was "Coal Under Pressure" focusing on how coal can turn to diamonds when its pressurized. In the same way, when we go through trials, we can take our "coal" and change it into a "diamond" or blessing. Lee was Lauralee's evaluator for speech 10. He said he liked her stories and the personal nature of them, but suggested more vocal variety while tell those stories. Anjanette was the second speaker talking about how her perspective has been changed by her son, who spoke about loving going to his grandma's house, which reframed how she saw those family gatherings. Dave was Anjanette's evaluator, who told her that it seemed very therapeutic for her to talk about her mom, and how her emotion was nothing to be ashamed of.
The word of the day was rarefied, which means less dense, given to us by Peter, our grammarian of the day. He was very impressed by the word art used today such as reframing, galleries of the mind, and diamond of determination. To challenge our impromptu speaking,  Lori asked us about school. Because of the long speeches, less people were called on, but there was a battle between Peter talking about his experience in Kindergarten, and Lee defending still having cursive taught in elementary school. Lee won the table topics award by talking about how it is important to teach cursive, so that kids can read it, and sign their name.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Meet the President

Brian Norris

My name is Brian Norris, and I have been married to my best friend, Donna Norris, for over 32 years. I am a dad to four wonderful daughters, a grandfather of five, and am the Co-Owner and Manager of Bateman Funeral Homes.
I attended a few meetings several years ago in Mexico with a friend when I was a manager at UPS. I wanted to work on my public speaking and I remembered the positive experiences I had in Mexico so I decided to check into Toastmasters in Newport.  I found out that Lee Ritzman was a member and he invited me to visit. I enjoyed the meeting so I joined. Since I have been a member of Yaquina Toastmaster, I have received wonderful advice and coaching from the club. Everyone in the club wants you to be successful, which is very encouraging.  All of the club members are willing to help; it's my favorite thing about the club is how wonderful they are.
This next year I will continue to grow the club with more members that can participate in a fun, positive, safe place to practice public speaking. We also be a host club for a speech contest in this next year.
If you are debating on coming to our meetings, I know it can be a little scary to go somewhere new and “try to fit in”. I promise you that if you give us a try, you will be happy you did. We meet at Pig 'N Pancake in Newport, Oregon at 7 am on Tuesdays.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


September 17th is the humorous speech contest and Table Topics contest if you want to go. These contests are in Florence, Oregon on the same day.
To continue to be a member, dues need to be paid by October 1st.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23rd Review

The Toastmaster of the day was Marisa, whose topic for the day was Broadway. Some of her facts was how Broadway was inspired by the tradition of theater in Europe, and that Phantom of the Opera is the number one hit to this day. Paul as the general evaluator said Marisa did a very good job of transitioning smoothly, and filling in space when presenters were not ready.
There were two speeches today, Dave's humorous speech contest dry run, and one by Christa as a dry run for her training speech. Dave talked about his experience with fishing, and how he got hooked after he caught his first catfish. After the speech, Dave was evaluated by Lauralee who really liked the speech. One of the suggestions that he use more gestures at the beginning of the speech such as as pretending to use a fishing pole when he gets "hooked" on fishing. Conflict resolution was the topic of Christa's speech since she will be presenting on that soon. Her main theme was on what to do if you are out at sea and have a problem. One of her suggestions was to acknowledge what they're saying, then use the word and or but. She also used visual aids which helped to get a clear view of her points and where she got her ideas. Kathleen was her evaluator who was impressed by how wonderful Christa's slides were set up. During the evaluation Kathleen suggested that she work on getting comfortable with gestures.
For table topics, Brian had a theme of the olympics. The grammarian provided us the challenge of adding brouhaha to our table talks.  Lee talked about how beach volleyball is an actual sport and how he believes it is a lot harder than we think it is.  Lori was asked if she which sport she would want to enter in the olympics. She decided to design her own type of olympics: Writers olympics, where authors are able to read their work and "win" by being published. According to Peter, our timer, each person who participated was in the one to two minute requirements.

Schedules for next week will be posted soon.

Monday, August 22, 2016

More pictures!

Loyalty days princesses came to practice their speeches with us!
Table topics tie!! Pictured left to right: Anjanette, Dave, and Marisa, Laimons.
Christmas table topics winner Marisa presented by Brian!

Pictures from our meetings

Presenting table topic award! (Pictured: Dave and Lori)
Our meeting room with Dave at the podium.

Christmas meeting table topics based off of "gifts"

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


For our newer Toastmasters who have not completed the Competent manuals, remember that if you have a role, you can record it for credit on the boards at Toastmaster meetings, as well as fill out dates and roles in your leadership manual. If you have completed any speeches, make sure they are recorded on the Competent Communicator board.
Peter made a suggestion to help with this, to make sure you have all of your Toastmaster manuals and materials. If you make a Toastmaster binder, you can keep your speeches, evaluations, Toastmaster of the day material, and manuals there so they do not get lost.

August 16th review

Hello all,

Today's Toastmaster of the day was Peter whose theme was school starting soon, so children will be returning to school, and the tourist season dying down. The general evaluator was Marisa who had nothing but good things to say to how our Toastmaster ran the meeting today. There were two guests today visiting from other clubs, one from Australia and the other from Washington. They gave us some good insight into how to improve our meetings such as having a Jokemaster.
There were two speakers today, with Brian speaker working in the Competent Communicator. Brian was the first speaker, who spoke about how language can be confusing, like how we park in the driveway and drive on the parkway. He was evaluated by Laurie W who liked the humor in his speech, but asked for more visuals such as writing that the electrician is delighted, the musician denoted and the dry cleaners depressed so the audience could see. Kathleen was the second speaker, talking about how reading is important, especially teaching children to read. She was evaluated by Dave who liked her speech so much he talked about how he taught his sister to read.
The word of the day was veracity, or truthfulness, given to us by Laimons who said the political race needs more veracity. Paul was in charge of table topics, where the audience helped write his book. He gave us the title to a chapter, and an audience member would provide a story for that section of the book. Christa won the table topics award with her chapter, the Haunted Motel, where she told us the story of how she stayed at a sketchy motel six in Portland.

There will be an update for meeting roles posted soon.
Have a good day!

Friday, August 12, 2016

August 23rd meeting

This week's Toastmaster of the day is Marisa who is being evaluated by Laimons. There are two speakers scheduled for this meeting, Dave being evaluated by Peter and Christa being evaluated by Kathleen. Table topics will be offered by Brian, and Pen will be challenging us through the word of the day. 

Have a good day

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What is the Competent Leadership Manual?

Toastmasters International offers two beginning manuals, the Competent Communicator and the Competent Leadership. The Competent Leadership manual contains ten projects to help develop comprehensive leadership skills.
Leadership skills are learned in every meeting role, however you choose which roles you complete to finish the different projects. There are requirements for marking off a role for a project. Each meeting that you fill a role can only count for one project. Example: Critical thinking and giving feedback require the same roles, however if you are grammarian on August 9th you can only count that for one project not both.
Projects include skills such as listening, motivation, and time management. Some projects require meeting roles, such as being timer for time management. Others require you to help lead a extra role such as organizing a contest speech. Others, such as Mentoring, require you to help other members complete speeches or complete leadership projects.
Just like the Competent Communicator, once you have completed the ten projects Toastmasters International can send your employer a letter with your accomplishment. From there, Toastmasters has more manuals tracks that you can continue building your leadership skills. The Advanced Leadership Bronze and Silver. At the end of these manuals, including the communication series, you will receive the Distinguished Toastmaster award.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


We have an article in District Seven's magazine Voices! It is on page 18 on Yaquina Newport Toastmaster's club. You can also see pictures of various members.


Facebook page

Please visit our facebook page at Newport Toastmasters. See the word of the day, articles and videos by Toastmasters International, quotes you can carry with you.

August 9th review

Hello all,

Lee was the Toastmaster of the day, whose theme was the Olympics. We had a bit of a schedule change as one of the speakers did not show, but instead had longer Table Topics. Laimons was the speaker of the day, talking about volunteering at a kindergarten class. He both warned us about, and encouraged us to become a volunteer for Lincoln County School District. He was evaluated by Lori, who complimented him on his commanding voice and presence.
Table Topics was a bit different today, as Kathleen wrote the last line of a book on a notecard, and passed everyone a card. We were then supposed to begin a story with that line as our inspiration. During Table Topics, we had stories ranging from a major Earthquake occurring, to a soul speaking to their loved ones saying they are at peace. Marisa was the one who took home the trophy for Table Topics, as she told us a story of going through a storm on a fishing boat.
The word of the day was exuberant, based on how happy the athletes are after they compete in the Olympics. The general evaluator was Peter, who talked about how there were smooth transitions, but we need to be aware that we should not abandon the lectern when switching from a role back to the Toastmaster.
 We would like to welcome back Marisa from her absence. We are happy to have her back with us.

Have a good week.

Monday, August 8, 2016

What is the Toastmaster Competent Communicator

The Toastmasters program helps you through manuals such as the Competent Communicator, but is not a formal course such as Communications 111. There are no grades or tests, but instead you have Table Topics and the Ice Breaker Speech. Club meetings help you to work together to study and practice your communication and leadership skills.

You can work with introductions, perform roles during club meetings, and work on projects, such as the ten speech projects in the Competent Communicator. In this manual you build speaking skills with each new project. Most of the speeches are five to seven minutes focusing on a single skill. It works on everything from organization, to body language, to researching a topic. This will help you learn to speak with clarity and confidence.

With each speech you give, you will be evaluated to help you grow and learn. They will point out strengths and offer suggestions on how to improve the speech. This manual focuses on the basics of public speaking, and your evaluator will focus on the basics as well. If you are working on vocal variety for your speech, they will also focus on it when giving your evaluation. The manual will help you gain the skills through it's ten projects, then you will receive the Competent Communicator Award.

Want to learn more than just the basics? There are plenty more manuals for communication that you can work on, ranging from storytelling, to career related learning. After you have finished the manual, Toastmasters International will send a letter to your employer if you wish them to, notifying them of your achievement. This is especially nice if your work has a program to pay for you to be in Toastmasters.

What are the leadership roles?

There are seven officer roles in a club to help with running the club. These officers are elected either every year, or every six months by the club. Some of the officers will volunteer, and some will be volunteered.

The first role is the President, who opens the meeting every morning. They are in charge of operation and supervision of the club. At the beginning of the meeting, they will present any news that needs to be dealt with, and then turn over the meeting to the Toastmaster of the day. Generally the President will work with all of the officers, but the Vice President of Education will be their closest officer,

Vice President of Education is in charge of scheduling and confirming the roles are filled before the meeting. They also help members to be on track for awards such as the Competent Communicator. The Vice President of Education will work with the President often, as well as the Vice President of both Membership and Relations to help gain more members and set up schedules.

The Vice President of Membership helps to conduct membership building programs. They help to give membership material to new members and applications to join for potential members. This officer will work with the Vice President of Relations often as well as the Treasurer.

The last Vice President is of Public Relations. This president is in charge of promoting the club, and the membership programs. They are in charge of keeping an online presence and keeping the members up to date on events and meetings. The Vice President of Relations and of Membership will work together often, as well as with the Secretary.

The Secretary helps to keep a roster of members and keep the files for the club. They also need to keep the minutes for records. During the year, the Secretary will work with the Treasurer and Vice President of Public Relations to keep the members engaged, and up to date.

The Treasurer will keep the bank account and make sure to collect dues so that we can maintain our memberships. They work with Membership to collect the dues of a new member and the application for that member, This officer also works closely with the Secretary.

Sergeant at Arms helps to maintain the club equipment and supplies. They will set up the room so it is ready for the meeting, with the tracking charts out for members to record their achievements. This officer is also in charge of the guests so that the president will know how many guests have visited and who they are for the meeting. The Sergeant at Arms works with the Secretary and Vice President of Membership.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dates for Toastmasters to the end of the year

Here are currently known dates to mark on your calendar:

August is when the first round club officer training which occurred to today.

August 17th-20th is the Toastmasters International convention.

There will be a humorous contest speech on the 17th of September in Florence, Oregon at the library on 9th from 11-2pm.

If you get five new members by September 30th your club will earn the Smedley award.

October first is membership renewal dues for credit in the Distinguished Club Program.

There will be a speech contest on the 22nd of October in Eugene, Oregon.

On November 5th, 2016 there is a district conference in Portland, Oregon.

December is the second round officer training that will be held for credit in the Distinguished Club Program.

August 2nd Review

Today we had Jim Wolak join our meeting as our area director for leadership training. Brian led our business portion of the meeting. He talked about an interested member, Margie, who we hope we will meet in person soon. Lauralee reported as the Vice President of Public Relations that the Facebook page had received 1058 people seeing our posts within a month's time. Paul, Newport Yaquina's Sergeant at Arms talked about how ten people had visited the club as guests recently, and how we have now had a new member and some interested people who are looking at joining the club. Lee, our Vice President of Membership, talked about how bringing a friend to Toastmasters is the easiest way to bring in new members. Our Vice President of Education, Dave, gave a report on how he is trying a new way to sign up for roles through a sheet that you can write down what you want to do for the next month.
Lori gave her speech today for the competent communicator manual. It was a very good speech on overcoming fear and being able to give her speeches without all of the anxiety she had had when she joined Toastmasters a few months ago. Dave was her evaluator talking about her improvement on having a confident voice, and getting rid of some of her habits.
Jim Wolak led the training of officers where he went over the different offices roles and how they contribute to the meeting. He also suggested that when shift change comes around next year, that the current set of officers should start training their replacements. There will be some dates being posted soon for upcoming events that Jim went over so that you can mark your calendars.

Some of the highlighted suggestions given today:
Make business or pass along cards for members to hand out to people who are interested in Toastmasters.
Leave flyers at the college, post office, public library and chamber of commerce for people to pick up.
Have a fun meeting where you hold a "backwards", speech or table topics only, themed, or roles in a bag meeting.
Make sure to remember to mark when you have completed a task for the manuals. The competent leadership manual have a lot of normal (ie timer, grammarian) rolls that need to be recorded to complete an achievement.
Always make sure to use the boards around the room to track your progress.