Monday, October 22, 2018

roles for 10/23

Julia Carlson will be the Toastmaster of the day, evaluated by Christa Colway. There will be two speakers of the day, Lee and Jalene Case. Lee will be evaluated by Avital Miller and Jalene by Kathleen Ritzman. Dave Coffman will be the grammarian and Patti, our newest member, will be the timer. Brian H will be the table topics master of the day.

Friday, October 19, 2018

What is a CC award?

The Toastmasters program helps you through manuals such as the Competent Communicator, but is not a formal course such as Communications 111. There are no grades or tests, but instead you have Table Topics and the Ice Breaker Speech. Club meetings help you to work together to study and practice your communication and leadership skills.

You can work with introductions, perform roles during club meetings, and work on projects, such as the ten speech projects in the Competent Communicator. In this manual you build speaking skills with each new project. Most of the speeches are five to seven minutes focusing on a single skill. It works on everything from organization, to body language, to researching a topic. This will help you learn to speak with clarity and confidence.

With each speech you give, you will be evaluated to help you grow and learn. They will point out strengths and offer suggestions on how to improve the speech. This manual focuses on the basics of public speaking, and your evaluator will focus on the basics as well. If you are working on vocal variety for your speech, they will also focus on it when giving your evaluation. The manual will help you gain the skills through it's ten projects, then you will receive the Competent Communicator Award.

Want to learn more than just the basics? There are plenty more manuals for communication that you can work on, ranging from storytelling, to career related learning. After you have finished the manual, Toastmasters International will send a letter to your employer if you wish them to, notifying them of your achievement. This is especially nice if your work has a program to pay for you to be in Toastmasters.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Will you be coming to our open house?

Pathways- Dynamic Leadership

Paths, Levels and Electives
Five Levels:
Mastering Fundamentals
• Ice Breaker
• Evaluation and Feedback
• Researching and Presenting
Learning Your Style
 Understanding Your Leadership Style
• Understanding Your Communication Style
• Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring
Increasing Knowledge
• Negotiate the Best Outcome
Level 3 Elective Projects (choose 2)
• Deliver Social Speeches • Focus on the Positive
• Using Presentation Software • Inspire Your Audience
• Connect with Storytelling • Prepare for an Interview
• Creating Effective Visual Aids • Understanding Vocal Variety
• Using Descriptive Language • Effective Body Language
• Connect with Your Audience • Active Listening
• Make Connections Through
Building Skills
• Manage Change
Level 4 Elective Projects (choose 1)
• Create a Podcast • Manage Online Meetings
• Building a Social Media Presence • Question-and-Answer Session
• Managing a Difficult Audience • Public Relations Strategies
• Write a Compelling Blog • Manage Projects Successfully
Demonstrating Expertise
• Lead in Any Situation
• Reflect on Your Path
Level 5 Elective Projects (choose 1)
• Lessons Learned • Leading in Your Volunteer
• Moderate a Panel Discussion Organization
• Prepare to Speak Professionally
• Ethical Leadership
• High Performance Leadership